When you want a brand new look or the original finish is beyond saving. The original finish is completely removed. The freshly exposed wood is sanded stained and a brand new fresh finish is applied. Not recommended for antiques of value. Occasionally old stains and defects cannot be completely eliminated. (Great option for good newer furniture that has seen bad times. Costs can vary depending on the finish you select and the type and style of the furniture).

(no stripping)
To tighten and repair loose joints, adjust doors and drawers. Clean and cosmetically improve the overall appearance of a piece. Coloring or filling scratches and chips. Blending worn areas with new stain. Revitalizing existing finish and top coating with a fresh new clear coat if needed. (Most economical option. Perfect for "everyday" home or office furniture that has just gotten tired and a great enhancer for your family heirlooms )

Antique Restoration
Careful attention to detail and the processes of the original maker. Matching original and authentic hand applied finishes and stains. Using vintage and carefully matched woods for replacement parts. Duplicating as closely as possible the techniques used while never destroying the original integrity of the piece. (Most costly process. Very labor intensive. Best for museum quality antiques and for those who truly love the art and craft of years gone by. These projects are usually bid with an open ended estimate. Final cost cannot be determined until the piece is completed.)
Touch Up / Spot Repair
To Repair damage to the wood and blend the finish to match the surrounding area. This can often be virtually undetectable. (Much cheaper than refinishing. Great for isolated damage. A must for Furniture Stores, Movers, Hotels restaurants and Claims adjusters).

Strip only

Chemically strip away old finish.  Some finish may remain in grain, carving details etc. 

Strip and prep (ready to stain)

Strip plus clean and prep.  Remove excess residue and finish from grain, carving details sand smooth ready to stain


Clean, restain as needed and top coat with lacquer over existing finish. Produces a clean and nearly refinished look in many cases.  (Refurbishing not possible in some cases.  Silicone and other contaminates may result in uneven and less than perfect results and may require refinishing to correct.)

Basic Refinish

Strip away old finish down to the bare wood

Sand as needed

Stain with standard color choice. (see samples)

Seal, sand. 2 coats clear lacquer, 1 coat final sheen, Gloss, Semi Gloss or Flat.

Includes one gloss coat on inside drawer boxes

Dye Coat

Initial coat before staining to give a warmer more even tone to the wood.  Used on Traditional Maple and Cherry finishes for example

Shade Coat

Apply tinted top coat to even up and deepen stain color and grain pattern.  Makes wood appear warmer and more uniform in color and tone.

Extra Coat

Additional Clear coats beyond the standard finish.  (Sometimes necessary for very dry wood).

Semi Closed Grain Finish

Basic refinish plus 5 additional coats sanded between coats to fill deep grain producing a smooth top surface showing very little grain relief. 


Speckles, and stain marks intended to give a piece an antique “Dented and Distressed appearance”

Custom Color Match

Match customers sample as closely as possible.  Perfect match not garranteed due to variation in wood grain etc.

Always included with any Refinishing

Check and lube drawer runners

Check and lube table slides

Tighten and adjust hinges

Check for loose joints (Important for safety on chairs)

Check and adjust doors and drawers

Check for  protective floor glides

Any necessary repairs including dents, scratches loose joints or veneers etc. will be estimated separately and are not included unless specified on work order.

Basic Chair Re-glue

Inject glue into loose joints as a needed.

Complete Chair Re-glue

Disassemble, Clean joints and replace dowels where necessary. 

Seat Recover

Install customers own  fabric over existing seat cushion

Seat Reupholster

Strip and repad seat then cover with customers own fabric

Other Services Available

Re-caning * Recliner mechanism replacement * Upholstery repair and frame repair(not Complete reupholstery) *  Cabinet Remodeling (Convert old TVor Radio to bar cabinet etc.) * Part Duplication *General Furniture Repair *  On-Site Touch up

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